May 2007

Cultural dissonance is what you get when cultures collide or overlap with each other. The result can be humorous, insightful or ironic. Hot Link is the cell phone network. The shrine is the Hindu or Buddhist prayer site; their link to heaven. Interesting clash here.


Speaking of prayer, we would ask that you pray for the start of Pam’s ministry. Now that we are online, she is eager to get underway. Please pray for a smooth entry into her new position. We ask also for our sons and daughter as they are all facing job decisions, that they would be mindful of the Lord, and look to Him to open doors or keep them closed. Finally for Steve’s prep, as he has just been handed another English course, 4C, to prepare for the upcoming term.

We have as yet seen no sign of a contract or a work permit, which is another reason to pray. We figure the Lord is growing our faith, and for the most part we’re good with that. But we do have our little panic attacks from time to time! Who is your hotlink connected to?

Don’t just visit. Leave us a comment, so we know you were here.


Our local grocery store is Carrefour and it is a great resource in that it stocks most anything you need at very reasonable prices. However, during my first few visits there, I had serious concerns about the smell in the produce department and avoided that area at all costs. It smelled for all the world like rotting meat and I was considering becoming a vegetarian.

Little did I know, that we just happened to arrive in Malaysia during Durian season, apparently a highlight of the growing seasons for most Malaysians. I guess it was somewhat of a relief when someone told me that this “heavenly” smell was durian fruit.

That is all well and good but our friends in our cell group are all excited about the opportunity to introduce us to this delicacy and insist we must try it. They have promised to bring it on Wednesday and we are going to have to eat it. Our only hope is that we did find some durian filled chocolates at the Central Market, which we purchased in the hope that we may convince people we are in fact, tasting durian. I figure I should be a able to swallow most anything if it is covered in chocolate.

On the other hand, you really must find a Dragon Fruit  and taste that.  It is to die for.

Today we decided to take a bit of a break and explore a little more of Kuala Lumpur and it really is beautiful.  We visited the Central Market:


and Chinatown:


The sights and sounds are incredible. The city is very accessible and a vast mix of many cultures.



Sorry to have been so long in getting more pictures to you. The Lord has been teaching us much about patience! However, along with His gentle training in this most Asian of virtues, He has also been reminding us of His gracious and generous hand in giving to us over and above what we asked or thought possible. Here are some more views of His wonderful provision of our new home.





We are just rejoicing in the fact that we have been given a wonderful oasis – a sanctuary from the heat and business of life in Malaysia.  It is new, clean and safe with a wonderful pool and we love it here. 

It even has a guest room with an ensuite bathroom if anyone would care to visit.


Who could forget that silly little video game from those innocent early days of computers. Frogger was such a hoot. And no I don’t think I ever learned to get the little guy further than four or five lanes before he was road kill. (Our kids of course could get him all the way across on several levels) Who would have thought this would become our daily routine?

I walk to work every day, and Pam walks out for groceries and water. In order to get anywhere we have to cross this intersection. Four lanes of traffic come in but there is no pedestrian right-of-way or crossing. Everyone drives here and everyone thinks we are nuts for walking. Hence there is zero respect or even tolerance for pedestrians.

So in order to get across this road – which is also under construction with a huge new bypass – we have to pick a break in the traffic and ‘hop’ across a couple of lanes to the median. Then we wait and ‘hop’ again to the next section. The expats call it Frogger, and it is most appropriate. We are waiting for the day when we end up like the central character from that long-ago game. I wonder how many new lives we get!

What a tremendous relief!  After just five visits from a very helpful technician and multiple purchases and trials of hardware and software, we finally have internet access in the privacy of our own home.  Not only does this mean that we can utilize all the planned methods of staying connected to family and friends and post photos, it also means we now have access to bank accounts and can even pay our bills; maybe even book a trip and get away for a few days.  This also means that I am now able to make contact with the TWR office in Singapore and beginning planning for my work with them.

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