We have now been in our new home for just over two weeks and are feeling quite settled and comfortable. We marvel at God’s goodness every morning as we sip our coffee looking out over the canal outside our livingroom.


We love the place that we chose; it is everything that we hoped to find. Although we rented a place that was fully furnished and supposedly move in ready it has taken a considerable amount of effort to get it up to our standards. Fortunately, Steve is pretty handy with the tools and I am an experienced cleaner.




We have managed to get driver’s licences, car insurance, bank accounts, phones, internet and utilities established and figured out some of the unique aspects of living on a small island. And we have wheels!! Two sets, in fact.


There has even been time in there to get to know some of the others in the incoming cohort of twenty three new staff. As part of the orientation the staff were treated to an evening cruise on the sound and dinner at a restaurant in Kaibo. A couple of the returning staff who live down the street from us threw a great welcome potluck so we could hang out together on Saturday evening.