March 2007



Wow, it is hard to think about the next year without the option of spending time with Kim and Larry. We have had incredible times together enjoying great food, laughs, great conversations, tears, prayer and Bible study and just enjoying talking with others who share our love of travel and living in another culture.
Their front porch is the best place to listen to the music from Harris Park, and there we just always feel so much at home. We are going to miss you so much! Thanks for a wonderful evening.


A nice little breakfast, or so we thought, with Riz and Carmen Ocampo, with whom we have shared many pleasant hours in cell group and enjoying their famous hospitality. Little did we suspect that there would be thirty dear friends waiting to surprise us at breakfast! What a delight and what a great joy to walk with the Lord and share in His ministry with such Christ-honouring people. Thank you for your fellowship this morning, and God bless you as you serve Him where He has called you.


Actually it is really only people that we will miss- not things. God has so blessed us in our children and now a beautiful little grandson who already is growing up so quickly. I often think of and am humbled by, our missionary friends who went off to serve for four years at a time, without the benefit of computers, a website and even a reliable phone system.
Ben will get to know us and love us as his grand parents on the computer and we are grateful that he has his Watters grandparents and even some great grandparents who can teach him how special a grandparents’ hug is.


Okay. Pam and I are new at this, and hosting a blog is going to take some getting used to. But we do want to stay in touch, and we are not too old to learn. So bear with us and forgive our mistakes as we attempt to navigate our way around this new domain.