Still confined to the internet cafes, and darn! I forgot my earplugs again. This is a young culture of rabid gamers – Dave you would feel right at home – and they all like their games LOUD!

Still no internet connection at home. It has been two weeks since we ordered the phone line so we could get online, and still no success. Our apologies to all those who would like to see pictures, but we can’t load anything in the cafes (no access) or at work (Secure server. Locke’s staff will understand).

Other than that we are having a blast, and feel truly blessed to be in this beautiful country serving God and making new friends. I have been hard at work preparing lessons for the July intake and Pam’s been working on getting her office set up at home so she can make contact with the Trans World Radio office in Singapore. We are both out tonight with church activities. I have a men’s supper and prayer meeting, Pam has a ladies’ night out. We are not starved for activity, but we miss the regular contact that the internet allows. Hopefully tomorrow!