Last Monday we applied to have a phone line installed. Not that we need a phone, but we do need the internet connection which is only available through the phone lines in Malaysia. A week ago that was installed and we immediately began getting calls to install the internet service that we had ordered. We were a little suspicious since we had been told that it would take a few days for our phone line to be ‘activated’, whatever that meant. It certainly didn’t mean activated, since the phone worked just fine. But apparently this didn’t mean it was ‘activated.’ There are moments here in Malaysia when you think that you have just followed Alice down a rabbit hole.

Since we couldn’t understand the people on the phone line wanting to install the internet, we were force to trek back out to Telecom Malaysia (the owners of the other huge tower in KL) to find out what was going on. They told us our phone wasn’t ‘activated’ yet. So we waited, and dealt with the telemarketers as best as we could, never know if it was the real installers that we were dissuading.

Yesterday I got an email from TM, which gave me written access to someone at TM so I could get some real info. I found out the name and phone number of the installer and today he came to install the service. I hope. I am still at work so I don’t know for sure, but we will keep you posted.