Our local grocery store is Carrefour and it is a great resource in that it stocks most anything you need at very reasonable prices. However, during my first few visits there, I had serious concerns about the smell in the produce department and avoided that area at all costs. It smelled for all the world like rotting meat and I was considering becoming a vegetarian.

Little did I know, that we just happened to arrive in Malaysia during Durian season, apparently a highlight of the growing seasons for most Malaysians. I guess it was somewhat of a relief when someone told me that this “heavenly” smell was durian fruit.

That is all well and good but our friends in our cell group are all excited about the opportunity to introduce us to this delicacy and insist we must try it. They have promised to bring it on Wednesday and we are going to have to eat it. Our only hope is that we did find some durian filled chocolates at the Central Market, which we purchased in the hope that we may convince people we are in fact, tasting durian. I figure I should be a able to swallow most anything if it is covered in chocolate.

On the other hand, you really must find a Dragon Fruit  and taste that.  It is to die for.