Cultural dissonance is what you get when cultures collide or overlap with each other. The result can be humorous, insightful or ironic. Hot Link is the cell phone network. The shrine is the Hindu or Buddhist prayer site; their link to heaven. Interesting clash here.


Speaking of prayer, we would ask that you pray for the start of Pam’s ministry. Now that we are online, she is eager to get underway. Please pray for a smooth entry into her new position. We ask also for our sons and daughter as they are all facing job decisions, that they would be mindful of the Lord, and look to Him to open doors or keep them closed. Finally for Steve’s prep, as he has just been handed another English course, 4C, to prepare for the upcoming term.

We have as yet seen no sign of a contract or a work permit, which is another reason to pray. We figure the Lord is growing our faith, and for the most part we’re good with that. But we do have our little panic attacks from time to time! Who is your hotlink connected to?

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