Who could forget that silly little video game from those innocent early days of computers. Frogger was such a hoot. And no I don’t think I ever learned to get the little guy further than four or five lanes before he was road kill. (Our kids of course could get him all the way across on several levels) Who would have thought this would become our daily routine?

I walk to work every day, and Pam walks out for groceries and water. In order to get anywhere we have to cross this intersection. Four lanes of traffic come in but there is no pedestrian right-of-way or crossing. Everyone drives here and everyone thinks we are nuts for walking. Hence there is zero respect or even tolerance for pedestrians.

So in order to get across this road – which is also under construction with a huge new bypass – we have to pick a break in the traffic and ‘hop’ across a couple of lanes to the median. Then we wait and ‘hop’ again to the next section. The expats call it Frogger, and it is most appropriate. We are waiting for the day when we end up like the central character from that long-ago game. I wonder how many new lives we get!