This Spring we have watched the snowstorms back in Canada with some measure of alarm as Alberta and recently Manitoba have been hammered with late winter storms. Here in merry old England Spring came early in March and now in mid-April trees and flowers are in full bloom. We live beside the largest park in Horsham, with lovely gardens where Pam likes to sit and read when it is warm and sunny.

Yesterday, the local churches took advantage of a warm Spring day to meet in the city square for a Good Friday service. Congregants from several Horsham churches gathered to sing choruses, listen to God’s Word, and pray for the nation. It was a quiet and reverential affair, as befitted the occasion. Nothing brash or strident. There were no calls to repentance or appeals to the unsaved. Just a quiet witness to the community of our collective faith in Christ and His power to heal and restore.

We also like to get out into the surrounding countryside for walks in the fields that cover the gentle Sussex hills. Easter is the best time of year to see the wildflowers begin to bloom, so today a group of us from Teach Beyond gathered in the park beside our flat and drove a few miles out of town for a walk.

The day was sunny and bright, and the ground was dry underneath, though we were all dressed for the occasion with our sturdy boots. We had been warned that it was still a little early yet for some of the wildflowers, but since the day was warm and inviting and we had an abundance of time with the long weekend we were all ready for an outing and to our delight the flowers were blooming in abundance.

The air was warm and fresh with the fragrant smell of wildflowers. The bluebells and anemone were in abundance everywhere and we were careful to stick to the paths so as not to crush the delicate petals underfoot. We walked for over an hour, soaking in the beauty of the countryside, the sound of birdsong, and chatting happily over a picnic lunch.

We are finding that England is such a pleasant country in which to live. We are so enjoying our new life in this country with its pleasant walks and busy market squares. We know the Lord has brought us here to work for Him, and there are times we are indeed daunted by the enormity of the work He has placed in our hands. But along with that burden of responsibility, He has given to us much that is delightful, and uplifting to our spirits, and we are most grateful to serve Him here.