Springbank Park

It has been two years since we last saw Liz’s family and nineteen months since we last saw Jon and Nic and their crew. Honestly, given that the Delta variant of Covid is ramping up around the world with many countries facing an imminent fourth wave, we really don’t know when we will be together again. We wanted to pack our days with kid times and to try to make up for some lost experiences.

Jon and Nic and their kids left early to try and squeeze in a road trip on their way home. We had rented a house in Hyde Park so that Liz and the kids could stay with us, which worked out very well. Liz was even able to rent a car and drive to Toronto for an overnight visit with her cousin whom she hadn’t seen for several years. While we babysat the kids we had great walks in the park mostly spent identifying trees, a movie night and plenty of time to enjoy Russ’s skills at Mario Maker. It seemed a little unfair in that he was was creating the games so simply built in endless things that would kill us.

For Russ’s fifth birthday, we had taken him to Build-a-Bear to create his own stuffy. Layla had been looking forward to her own bear building for her fifth birthday but of course that didn’t happen. So, better late than never, we took her to design her own special bear. It was all blue and sparkly with a frilly dress and headband and pink sparkling shoes. All the things that Layla loves. We will hold tight to these memories until we are together again, hopefully in a world that is not dictated by an out of control virus.