It has been fourteen years since we left Ontario to move to Malaysia and six years since we moved to this beautiful, tropical island but now the time is upon us to take the next step. Trip planning is a nightmare in this time of COVID-19 and we have had to make multiple adjustments for our onward journey based on limited and ever-changing flights, quarantine requirements and health insurance stipulations. Our initial plan to leave on June 26th, right at the end of the school year and the end of our lease at GTV was scuttled, leaving us with an unplanned three weeks to spend on island.

Initially we were somewhat dismayed because we had hoped to attend Family Camp with our grandkids in Ohio. As with many things in life that frustrate us, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Our friends Jeff and Amy are home for the summer and very graciously allowed us to move to their beautiful condo on Seven Mile Beach. We wake up to an amazing view of the beach and every morning we are down before seven walking and swimming and just reveling in the beauty of God’s creation. The pool is wonderful and we took advantage of it to have friends over for final visits and to share a few more sunsets with us.

Graduating students and parents had blessed us with gift cards and restaurants coupons so many of our meals were special reminders of favourite people and places here. Dear friends gave us a gift certificate to Grand Old House which has a wonderful seaside location with an amazing sunset view. We treated ourselves to Chateaubriand for two; a fabulous meal prepared and flamed in front of us.

Even got in one more visit with our dear friend Ms Nimmi who treated us to an Indian meal, Masala Dhosa, which was our go-to meal in Malaysia. Spent a last sunset at GTV with our friends from there with whom we shared so much of life over the past few years. Our Director, Jim and Andie invited us, along with our friends Rob and Rita and Ainsley for a BBQ at their new new home in Lime Tree Bay.

Seriously we should have ordered one and split it!

We had often sat on Barker’s Beach, one the the most peaceful places to read and picnic and watch the kite surfers ride the wind and waves. Often horse back riders would wander by before heading off into the water for a swim. My friend Kristi really wanted to experience this so she talked me into joining her for a ride and it was amazing, even if a bit terrifying. The ride lasted for about a half hour until the guide stopped to remove the saddle and have the horses wade into the water to a depth that they had to swim. It took some muscles that I did not know I had to stay on the horse but was an absolutely amazing way to enjoy the warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

2015 saw a large group of about twenty five new teachers and staff join the faculty at CIS. Cherilyn came as a single, young lady but we had the joy of attending her wedding to Taylor two year later and have enjoyed they friendship through our Community Group as well as school. Joe, a young man man joined CIS as the Band teacher and we have been delighted as we watched him develop the music program at the school. Happily, he met the love of his life in another music teacher and our delay in leaving the island allowed us to be here to share in their beautiful seaside wedding. and reception at Grand Old House. Now our bags are packed and we are on to the next adventure.

Joseph and Elizabeth Millson July 15/2021