We met our friend Anjee when she asked to join our Community Group a couple of years ago. She was and is a lovely young Canadian researcher who was deeply touched by the plight of the children brought to this island for heart surgery. Anjee immediately sought to get involved in the Children’s Heart Project when it was presented at our church here in Cayman. Going well beyond how many responded, Anjee felt that God would have her purchase a home so that she could host the children who come here for surgery to correct congenital heart defects. For several years now she has hosted children and their mom’s from Bolivia and Mongolia. Through this ministry, she caught the eye of Grant, a fine young man from South Africa who was drawn not only to her compassionate heart but also her beauty.

Grant volunteered to bring dinner for a Bolivian group at Anjee’s one evening but missed out on meeting Anjee as she was a bit late getting in. When Anjee hosted a farewell dinner for the children once they were well enough to return home, Grant happily attended. They continued their relationship when Grant returned to his native South Africa for an extended stay and began formally dating on Grant’s return to Cayman. We were very blessed when they both joined our Community Group shortly after they began going out.

As a group we prayed with them through some serious bumps in the road related to their work situations. Both went through periods of unemployment which jeopardized their ability to stay on island. But God was faithful and got them through that rough patch to once again being fully employed. With that behind them, they set their sights on marriage and this past weekend we were overjoyed to be able to attend their wedding and see them commit their lives to each other and their marriage to God.

The setting for the ceremony was the beach at Rum Point. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking. Every aspect of the ceremony demonstrated their faith and trust in God. The entire day went off flawlessly with three sweet little flower girls and even Rosco the ring-bearer (their three-legged dog) completely on task. An amazing steak dinner at sunset and a fun evening of dancing rounded out a a day.

We have grown to love both Grant and Anjee and have been blessed to see how God has brought them together from opposite ends of the earth to meet on tiny island in the Caribbean. We have been humbled by their faith and commitment and are so happy for them. As all the members of our community group gathered around them for pictures it was like the blessings of family. We know that given their hearts and talents God has great things in store for them and we are excited to walk with them in the coming months and years to see how it all unfolds.