As the procession wound down, we headed off to do some exploring of the old city center and just around the corner we came across a lovely little Choco Museo. Here the chocolate is artisanal, and prepared right from the cacao bean. They had an impressive array of chocolate bars with fruits and spices, chocolate candies, truffles , cookies and nuts as well as chocolate jams, and chocolate liqueurs.

As all of these products were advertised as “unbelievably healthy and positive for your frame of mind”, and our feet were getting a bit tired; we took the opportunity to enjoy a cup of their famous cacao husk tea. It was to die for.

Cayman is a lovely place and the beaches are beautiful, however the street life is limited and what you do see tends to be artificial; set up for some event or other. In Peru, life happens on the streets and it made us so happy just to wander and enjoy the sights and sounds.

We loved watching the Peruvian people just going about their daily lives, dressed in their bright, colourful clothing and beautifully distinctive head wear.

We were tired but it was a beautiful evening when we got back to Miraflores so we decided to walk down to the beach and have tea at this lovely gazebo at the end of the peer.