It has been a very long time coming but we finally had the joy of having our grandkids visit us in our own home! Oh and their Mom and Dad came too. Our friend Stacey happened to be away this week and very graciously offered us her condo on the beach for the duration of the visit and it was perfect. Jon and Nic stayed at Seagull while we kept the kids with us. That way they got quiet evenings together, sleep in mornings and some quiet breakfasts together. We got evenings and early mornings with the kids and family adventures together during the day, with parental assistance.


The weather was not the best but it did not stop us and we enjoyed a couple of beach days just hanging out at Smith Cove, one of our favourite island spots. The waves were wild all week but kids were game and every time they got smashed by a wave they came out spitting sand and seawater and went back for more.



We all thoroughly enjoyed a trip to the bottom of the sea as we cruised among the coral reefs  on the Atlantis Submarine. The fish, coral and sea turtles were absolutely spectacular.



Our trip to the stingray sandbar was scuttled at the last minute by the weather so we decided on a visit to the Turtle Farm where we had a great time snorkeling in the lagoon, riding the water slides and playing with turtles. Ben and Abi are both pretty adept at snorkeling and Eli is giving it a good try.


Thursday was a family day for them which they spent exploring Rum Point and Starfish point and relaxing on the beach. We spent the day getting caught up on course work and planning for an outreach with our Community Group.
reading2starfish2 starfish
Sadly,they are gone now and all we have left are some wonderful memories and the art work on our windows.