Havana 1

Immediately on our return to the Caribbean from our Canada trip I was in Cuba for a few days to meet up with our TWR staff and get a sense of the work that is going on there. I also had the joy of attending the official opening and a dedication of the new home and office of the Cuban ministry team. Steve was able to join me for a quick getaway when Steve was able to join me for the weekend.


Havana is the culturally rich and colourful capital of Cuba and the largest city in the Caribbean. To walk around Vieja Habana (Old Havana) is to step back in time where the 16th century Spanish colonial architecture is evident in the castles, cathedrals and mansions.  Although battered and badly in need of repairs, the city maintains its wonder and attraction. The streets are lined with 1950’s American made cars and the sound of music from the clubs and cabarets floods the streets and alleys. We will definitely go back there soon.