Christmas tree2

It has been ten years since we have had a Christmas tree and I was sort of hankering after one since we will be at home on Cayman for the holiday. However, once I discovered that even a four foot artificial one would set us back about $120 Canadian, I decided that it was not to be. But a few weekends ago we dropped in on one of the endless  funding raising events at this time of year; a tailgate sale in a nearby parking lot. Unbelievably, a month prior to Christmas someone was selling a brand new four foot tree with lights and I got it for 10 bucks. It felt like winning the lottery; or at least as close as I will ever come to it. We are so thrilled to have our little tree and are looking forward to have six or eight of Steve’s co-workers here for a turkey dinner on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile our kids and grandkids are getting prepared for their own Christmas celebrations.