Sometimes it feels like we have been waiting for this baby for a very long time and with a lot of heartache. It seemed too good to be true when Liz got successfully through the first trimester and then at 20 weeks the ultrasound revealed a little baby girl with a perfect little heart. Just as she began to believe that she would be able to relax and enjoy the last ten weeks of a happy healthy pregnancy, Liz experienced a pulmonary embolism. This complication meant daily injections, constant monitoring and a detailed plan for a high risk delivery.

At least with a delivery date scheduled, I was able to plan my visit to Calgary so that I could be there a week before the baby was born. This meant some wonderful times getting to know Russ’s routines, taking some nice walks and playing in the park. Had a bit of a frantic weekend getting the nursery put together and everything ready for her arrival.