Sting Ray City was inadvertently created in the early 1900s when fishermen anchored in the calm waters of the North Sound to clean their fish and cast their unused bait overboard. These gentle giant stingrays who hunt by smell quickly discovered this new source of “fast food”. The water on the Sandbar ranges from 3-10 feet and regular visitors come to frolic with these magnificent creatures.

Some of the staff at the school arranged to rent a boat for about 25 of us to make the approximately 45 minute trip out to the sandbar. The waters of the Caribbean Sea were calm and beautiful and it was breathtaking to see literally hundreds of rays. It was initially somewhat terrifying to be surrounded by these huge stingrays which fearlessly glide around you but I eventually made my peace with them and even touched one.



From there we headed further across the sound to Rum Point which is on the opposite side of the bight to our little canal. We stopped for a swim and some snorkeling at Starfish Point where the sea bottom is littered with beautiful red starfish. The local kids entertained us by diving down and collecting the starfish from deeper waters.


We finished up the trip with a visit to Kaibo for curry fries and drinks and then partied our way back across the sound.