It is unbelievable to me that it has been only seven weeks since we packed our bags and naively headed home for our annual visit with our family and friends. Now that I have been back in KL for almost a week, I am finally beginning to feel that I am on top of things once again.
During a brief nine days in Ontario, I went non-stop and accomplished all that I had set out to do and then some. Once I had the car on the road and figured out how to drive a standard again, It was a real treat to be able to attend a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed wedding shower for Sarah, my nephew Jesse’s new bride. Sunday was a full day touching base with friends at WLA, a lovely BBQ lunch with Sara and Milan to reclaim the keys to our condo and a family visit during which we at least were able to acknowledge my brother Lawrence’s upcoming 65th birthday.
I am well aware of the debt that I owe to a group of women who have encouraged me and supported me in prayer throughout our time here. I treasure the opportunity to spend a weekend with them each June at the Ladies Retreat. The setting at Team Ranch was beautiful with plenty of activities for everyone. The giant swing was a big hit for the more adventurous of the group but others enjoyed horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, skating, volleyball and sitting quietly in the midst of creation.

Ladies Retreat Crop

The theme this year was “The Voice” and Shelley led us through a wonderful study of the Voice of Truth, Power, Goodness and Love. The Voice who hears and responds to my voice as I approach Him with my confessions, my requests, my pain, my pleas for others and my adoration and responds with forgiveness, guidance, provision and healing. I am so prone to listen to the voice of the Lie that leads to confusion, doubt, deception, temptation shame and isolation and was encouraged and strengthened by this reminder. It was great just to have some quiet time that didn’t involve running from one task to the next.

With the banking details all up to date, our medical records located, the car back to Aylmer, and the condo cleared and prepared for a new occupant, I packed up one more time to head back home. I was very grateful for a round trip via Calgary which meant I had two more days with Greg, Liz, Russ and Dave. Lots of fun spending a day with Russ and creating a barricade to protect him from his favourite activity, racing to the stairs and seeing how far he can get up before you can catch. Found the perfect T-shirt for our little Epic Dude.


Epic DudeLeaving Greg and Liz behind and returning to KL has been incredibly difficult and I struggled to begin to pick up the pieces of life here. But life goes on and there are friends to see, courses to pursue, visas to obtain, trips and training to organize and work to be done and even in all that there is a measure of healing. I look forward to seeing how God will lead in this upcoming year