HotelThis a school break week for CPU which means that Steve is off half days, but it is not a break for the University so he still needs to do that portion of his job.  However Tuesday was an off day for the Islamic New Year so we decided to take a short break away and booked ourselves a room at a lovely hotel in Putra Jaya. Putra Jaya is the new administrative center for the country and is located about a half hour drive out of town.  There is not much out there but exceptionally gorgeous administrative buildings on essentially a man made island surrounded by a man made lake. On holidays and weekends it is pretty much deserted.
The hotel was pretty much deserted too which worked well for us as we had a very quiet little tapas restaurant all to ourselves for the entire evening. It wasn’t even staffed so the servers from a nearby bar just brought us our food and let us be. After a light meal we took a stroll along the lake to see the lights on the bridges and water and settled into our own private wing of the hotel and slept.
It was only when we woke up ten hours later that it dawned on both of us that we actually live in an incredibly noisy part of the world. It being a major Indian festival this week, the firecrackers have been going off all night for probably the last three weeks- sometimes multiple little ones at a time and other times single explosions that echo through the building and shake the windows. We get a nice early start with the call to prayer. No wonder we feel exhausted at times.