Thirty years ago today we had the joy of welcoming our beautiful baby girl who has brought us more happiness and excitement than we could ever have imagined. Thanks to the earlier arrival of her two older brothers we had already made a pretty good adjustment to parenthood so we were able to be a lot more relaxed with our third and just enjoy our daughter’s discovery of the world.

We found that she had a very unique perspective on things. She would make comments – we got to calling them Lizzyisms – that on the surface didn’t appear to be related to what she was seeing. But after suspending our own accumstomed view, found that her insights were always most pertinent and revealed things that we hadn’t noticed. As she grew she became more and more sure of her own view of the world, and forced us, reluctantly at first but with growing appreciation, to see the world as she experienced it.

We found, as she matured, that she is not only beautiful on the outside, but exceptionally beautiful and strong on the inside. She is kind, gentle, sweet, caring, persistent, wise and smart and always up for a challenge. It has been a priceless gift to watch her grow, take on the challenges of life through university and some tough years at work. She is never one to shirk a responsibility or give up on a challenge. Our hearts were bursting when we saw her walk down the aisle and join her life with such a wonderful young man, but nothing will compare to the thrill of seeing her holding her own little baby boy this last summer and see her blossom almost overnight into a wonderful mom.


We feel blessed and honoured, not because we are her Mother and Father, but because she is our Daughter! We are so, so proud of her and wish her all the best on her thirtieth birthday!