This is my new gig: Taylor’s University. I have to giggle at the thought that it took me 32 years to ‘graduate’ to high school and another 6 to ‘graduate’ to university. I am not teaching here (yet), though I do not rule out the possibility that I will be someday. I am working on developing ‘student service modules;’ that would be learning outcomes within the curriculum that have a community service component.

I am not teaching at all at present, although because of the requirements of my work visa I have to do a couple of hours’ tutorial assistance in the program where I used to teach. But my new job requires me to help teachers to design curricula to enable them to teach. I suppose that will have to do for now. I am not actually writing much curriculum either at the moment as I am pretty busy just getting to know the players and see what they are already doing. As with any new position there is going to be a steep learning curve in this one.

You might be inclined to wonder why we would want to put ourselves through this at our age. We ask ourselves the same thing from time to time. The Lord isn’t saying much through His word except to direct our attention to passages that speak of rejoicing in the opportunity to make His name more widely known. That will have to do for now until His makes His purpose more clear. I have never known Him to be reluctant to do so, although He has shown Himself more than passingly adept at choosing His time to coincide with our requisite understanding.

We also continue our outreach and mentoring of new staff and support for those who have been here for a while. Pam is preparing new ministry initiatives in East Malaysia and we are both continuing with our Master’s. It is a full dance card, no doubt about it. Right now, still tired and dealing with separation from our families, it feels more like effort and less like joy. But serving the Lord is a privilege that we don’t take for granted. Psalm 30:5 says: “weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”  Dawn is coming.