At my age I am not really looking for any more birthdays. I am happy to just still be around; happy and working productively. But there is no getting away with hiding your birthday among your students, who can find out through Facebook and other profile pages when your ‘special day’ has come around. My students found out and brought me cake and flowers, a tie and a very good caricature. It took Dennis Hadi four hours to draw this, and I really appreciate the gift. Except for the muscles, which I do not have, it is a pretty good likeness!


Of course with a cake and candles comes the making of a wish, and breaking tradition I made a wish out loud: that my students would continue to grow into the wonderful young men and women that they are becoming, and make changes in their lives, their country and the world that would be of benefit to all.

Thank you all for you kind wishes, gifts and notes. I count it among my greatest treasures to have the extraordinary privilege of being a teacher to such wonderful young people.