CDC Team

I would not normally be able to attend a medical conference of the calibre I have been enjoying for the past two weeks but this is a unique circumstance. Our team was invited by the organizers of the conference to present the project we are undertaking in Cambodia as it is a very unique approach to health care and community development. The addition of a media component provided by my mission organization, TWR, is a completely new appproach as well.

We were fortunate to have the research aspect of our project on view this week as well. Due to Dr. Wilder-Smith’s very demanding schedule, she could not arrive until the evening before our presentation. As there was much new material to integrate into our presentation, we had to work late into the night completely revamping the script and powerpoint.  We divided the talk up so that Dr. Bieber covered the Community Health Education segments, I talked about the impetous for the project and progress thus far and Dr. Wilder-Smith closed with the research criteria and strategy we will be utilizing.  We were all pretty pleased with the way the presentation came off and the very productive discussions that followed.

Unfortunately Dr Su Min was not able to be here with but we were able to introduce him in a photo.  As always Sharon was invaluable with her input into the writing and timing of the presentation and keeping us all focused on the task at hand.

It is a very amazing privilege to be a part of the ground breaking discussion and the education and training that is offered here but I must admit that I am looking forward to heading home for a bit of rest and some upcoming celebrations.