Grad TWR Phil

It has been almost five years since I was introduced to the concepts of CHE at a TOT1 in Thailand and I can still remember how excited I was with the changes the material made in the way I thought about communities.  This week I had the joy of working through the lessons with our TWR Philippines staff and watching the shifts in their thinking about their own passion for transformation in the lives of their listeners.

The core concepts of CHE are designed to shift from organizationally owned to community owned projects, from cure to prevention, from expensive donor dependent outreach to small acts of love, from delivering information to learner centered, self discovery of problems and solutions.  This team are very gifted and committed and easily grasped the changes and instantly were able to see how these could be applied in the work of TWR as a well as in their person ministries as Pastors. Youth leaders and outreach to women and children.









Two of our Co-facilitators, Carlos and Rebecca are very experienced staff of Holistic Community Development and Initiatives (HCDI) a Philippino organization that has been using CHE extensively here for more than twenty years. As Tagalog speakers they were able to allow those who were less comfortable speaking in English to freely express their hearts.  By the final session these two groups  were very animatedly discussing plans to work together with other exisiting partners to utilize media more effectively in communities and to integrate the existing knowledge of HCDI into programming.


Baguio City, once the summer capital of the Philippines is located high up in the mountains in Lauzon where the weather is very much like early summer in Ontario, pine trees and all.  The road up is pretty treacherous with ridiculous numbers of vehicles but once there, It is a fabulously beautiful part of the world with lots of life going on in the streets.  We enjoyed plenty of good food with the staff during the workshops and then sampled a number of really excellent restaurants each evening.


I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing team and very grateful for faithful friends who made it financially possible for the training to happen.  I count it a privilege to be able to  have an experience such as this at this point in my life and look forward to what lies ahead.