One of the most amazing aspects of the lives that we live has always been the friends that we have made along the way.  We have many fond memories of our shared experiences with our friends Ken and Nancy and their four children.  We arrived in Germany at the same time for one year of ministry at Black Forest Academy and shared many of the joys and struggles that are an inevitable part of the experience.

Andersons 1997

Their oldest, Dan was a classmate of Dave with Steve for their Grade 8 teacher and Rachel was in Grade 6 with Liz.  Rebekah was just seven years old and Anna a very delightful little four year old. At the end of the year they headed on back to their rice ranch in California and we back to Ontario. Their family visited with us the following summer and Liz and I had a wonderful visit in February of 1997 with them in California.

Although we have not had a lot of contact since that time, they are people who very much share our love for family, missions and travel and we recently reconnected through their involvement in missions as Ken and Nancy also head into their “retirement” years.  It was a real delight to hear that Rebekah and Anna would be travelling in this area and would like to visit for a few days.
Rebekah and Anna

They arrived Thursday evening and had to fly out again Sunday morning so it was short but so much fun to have young people hanging out in our place for a few days. We spent one day touring outside the city to Batu Caves and took a drive up to Genting for a ride on the cable car over the rainforests.  They even got to experience what it is like to drive in a Malaysian downpour.  Rebekah is a nurse in Seattle and Anna an English teacher so we had lots to talk about and even watched Les Mis long in to the night trying desperately not to giggle at the subtitles.

We pretty much have the city tour down to a science now and Saturday was a beautiful day for seeing the sights. We were able to time it perfectly so that we covered Chinatown and Little India, the malls and the aquarium, found a Mexican restaurant for Anna (who has been living in China since August and was having some cravings), and arrived at sunset to sit in the park at KLCC and watch the lights and water show at the Towers.

IMG_3271It is fun to see not only our own children but our neices and nephews and the children of our friends all grown up. What lovely young ladies these girls have become.  It was great to catch up on all the family news but tI have to admit the place pretty empty with them gone.