I had SAT scores in the high nineties coming out of high school. With some proper support and encouragement I could well have had scholarships to the university of my choice. But life is what happens while you are looking for other things; and other things in the late sixties were not conducive to education. When the dust settled from my misspent youth I did finally get my B.A. and B.Ed., but always had a hankering to do more.

But marriage and kids came along, and the years we took on sabbatical were spent serving Another more important than myself. To cut a forty year long story short, here I am at what could be charitably described as the autumn of my years with no more education than what at the time was the bare essentials to secure a decent career.

Now that our kids’ education has been paid for, and two of the three are married and living in their own homes, and we have not only some disposable income for the first time in our marriage, but even some disposable time, would it be alright Lord if I got myself that long sought for higher education? Apparently so; for I merely had to apply for the doors to fly open in my favour. To cut a much briefer story short, I am as of today a candidate for my Master’s Degree; courses enrolled and paid for.

I am not sure whether I am an old fool or not. At my age I could be dead before I graduate. On the other hand I could, like my dear departed mother, live for another 30 years. That would be time for far more than a Master’s! At any rate, fool or no, I am registered for two online courses starting in early January, and I am looking forward to the challenge.

I am also looking forward to seeing New Zealand. We leave on Sunday, and hotel internets being what they are, blogs might be thin on the ground for the next couple of weeks. No matter, you have Christmas puddings to eat and Christmas nieces, nephews and kids to hug. We’ll post some pics if we can. If not, we wish all of our readers the Merriest Christmas ever and the Happiest New Year. May the God of Love and Comfort be your portion!