This week while Steve is in England with his brother and sister to celebrate the life of his mom, I am very grateful for the week at home to get caught up on the many tasks that just seem to pile up. Each year I bring back a decade of photographs to scan and organize and I always enjoy revisiting the memories and the impact these events have had on our lives.  One of the things that I was reminded of was just what a good team Steve and I make we take on a task together.  We began our relationship rebuilding an old MGB in my parents’ driveway and went on to many other more challenging projects.

In 2001 we bought our third fixer- upper, a nasty little house in London which we planned to renovate and resell , largely to pay for our kids post secondary education.  I really hated that house because it was so much work, everything had to be striped right back to the bare bones and rebuilt from scratch.  We were both working pretty demanding jobs and had plenty of other responsibilities.  However, it suited our needs as it was close to the university and had a separate apartment in the basement which Dave lived in most of the time we were there.  When we listed it for sale in 2006, it sold within hours above our asking price.

I came across the before and after photos of the kitchen today and was delighted to be reminded of what excellent work we can do when we work together.  We make a great team.

Old Kitchen

New Kitchen