I will never grow tired of seeing the impact of CHE on the lives of families when their community recognizes their own potential, break their dependence on outside resources,  and take ownership of their own development.

Yesterday we visited a small village of about 120 families in which 60% of the homes are involved in CHE. Certainly they are still poor by our standards but now they are learning how to protect their families from illness, how to fully utilize their land to feed their families, the importance of education and how to plan and work together as a community.  As we arrived at this small church, a group of youth were beginning to add an outdoor platform for their upcoming community Christmas program.

They were very proud to show us their demonstration garden, meringa plants, fruits, vegetables the mango seedlings they are raising for the community, and even a lovely little garden surrounding the falg pole created simply for its beauty and peace.  They also have built their own Kindergarten where about 30 of the community children begin their education.  In this village the homes have a clean water supply, a brick outhouse, composting areas, a separate cooking area and receive regular visits and education from their CHE volunteers.

We chatted with these three amazing ladies, the Pastor of the church who along with her husband, lead the CHE program, a young RHAC volunteer who is a teacher in the Kindergarten and provides regular health education to the youth and a CHE volunteer who supports her community.  By the time we were ready to leave, the youth were very delighted to show us their completed platform. This village is clearly well on the way to becoming happy, healthy individuals enjoying the life the God intended for them in a community with the capacity to share their knowledge with other villages around them and making a difference in their country.