I grew up just about a mile down the road from Aunt Lil and Uncle Stewart and my cousin Sandra is only a few weeks younger than myself so I have many happy memories of my times with all of them. Many of those memories were formed on the beach at Ipperwash where they rented a cottage each summer and several times took me along.

Last summer, I had the joy of seeing Uncle Stewart and Aunt Lil surrounded by their four grown children and their spouses, sixteen grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren as they celebrated their 60th wedding Anniversary.  It was a happy day for everyone, but I am sure no one enjoyed it more than Aunt Lil, whose greatest joy was always being with her family.

My dear Aunt Lil, my Mom’s youngest sister and the last of the seven children of my grandparents, Robert and Lil Barr, has now gone to be with her heavenly family.  Friday, Nov 16 truly was the end of each of our parents’ generation as my husband’s mother passed away earlier the same day. Our thoughts and prayers are with Uncle Stewart, Sandra, Ian, Donna and Judy and their families as they say their good-byes to a wife, Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma who was first and foremost committed to her children and grandchildren.

Lil was their rock and never one to back down from a challenge. She faced the struggles of life, including the last few years battling with illness, with courage and persistence. She taught us all that when bad things happen, you find your strength in faith and family, you dust yourself off and remind yourself of all the good things you still have, and you get on with your life. Her own life was a blessing and an encouragement to everyone she knew. Love you always.