We live at the end of a dead end street and there are times when the half kilometre stretch of the road before you enter our housing subdivision can get very busy. There is a large hospital, two major hotels and a strip mall in that short strip.

However when we headed out Sunday evening we faced near gridlock and it took almost twenty minutes to make our way through. This week is a major Hindu holiday so we assumed that there was a huge celebration at one of the hotels. We only learned the real explanation from this newspaper article this morning.

‘Virgin Mary’ Continues to Draw Devotees, Rubberneckers

Hundreds of devout Catholics and a smaller number of curious onlookers are continuing to gather at the Sime Darby Medical Centre here to see for themselves an image said to resemble the Virgin Mary. The mysterious image of the figure revered by Catholics was reported to have been spotted a few days ago on a window pane at the hospital. In Catholicism the Virgin Mary is identified as the mother of Jesus Christ.

Many came today to see the image for themselves as news continued to spread by word of mouth or on the social networking sites A few of the hospitals staff were seen directing traffic as cars streamed in and out of the mildly congested road outside the hospital in an orderly fashion The crowd prayed fervently and sang before the image as they stood together in a narrow uncovered space outside the hospital’s outpatient block. Some were seen snapping pictures of the image said to be of Virgin Mary which appears on the third pane of a vertical stretch of windows on one of the upper floors of the hospital after they recited prayers.

Most of the crowd who spoke to The Malaysian Insider appeared convinced that the image is an apparition of the Virgin Mary with some looking visibly moved. A second image has also been sighted just one pane below that bearing the likeness of Virgin Mary with some saying that the new silhouette looks like Jesus Christ on a cross. Others however were less certain.