Moving house is fraught with peril in Malaysia so we are very grateful that the home that we settled into more than five years ago continues to meet our needs so well.  One of the real blessings has been the BBQ pit and  the air conditioned multi-purpose hall that we are able to take advantage of, at a very reasonable rental rate. A beautiful swimming pool is just the icing on the cake, especially for children who visit.

Over the past month we have become aware of a number of new expats who have come to teach in a newly opened learning center and to serve in campus ministry.  Last evening we had a great time hosting a BBQ for about thirty kids, young adults and a few older folks.  There was plenty of good food, opportunities to get to know new people and to worship together in music. With one guitarist from the older group and one from the younger, we had a nice mix of music.

We do love our fellowship at national churches and the many national and international believers that we have met there. It adds a whole new dimension to worship when the worship team is largely made up of our African brothers and sisters. However we have met very few western friends who share our faith and our burden for ministry.  Had some great discussions about ofthe impact missions over the years and our particular understanding of the best means of reaching out and developing communities.

We are praying that this will be the beginning of new friendships and opportunities to collaborate on ongoing ministries.