As wonderful as it is to have two months in Canada, not only to visit with family and friends but also to make some key ministry connection, this does take its toll on work here. I have not been in Cambodia since April and there is much to do to get caught up.

I had nine days here on this visit and they have filled up pretty quickly. My first task was to meet with TWR Cambodia leaders to finalize a proposal for funding for the Health Project that is growing at a phenomenal rate. It was wonderful to be back in the office and to hear reports of the work of this amazing team. We submitted the proposal to the potential funders on Wednesday and would appreciate your prayers as they consider the needs of the team here. In today’s economy, it is a relatively small amount of money but has a huge potential in the hands of committed national staff.

On Monday, I spent six hours hurtling, at high speeds through heavy traffic on patchy roads by bus to Siem Reap. I was escorted around town by Channy and Nyny Ann, the new trainers from RHAC who will be working with TWR in our CHE project. I am not sure that I will ever be comfortable on a motorbike but was grateful for the ride and pleasantly surprised at how well a motorcycle can accommodate three people. If you want to take a Cambodian out for dinner, always let them choose the restaurant. We had quite a lovely meal and the total for the three of us came to $5.00.

Tuesday morning I spent visiting with a dear friend, Chantheng, a RHAC staff and a new brother in Christ whom we have come to love. He is a young husband and dad with a real passion to transform the lives of his fellow Cambodians but is now facing a very serious illness. Pray for healing, peace and strength for both he and his family as they learn what it means to walk with God on this difficult journey.

Interestingly enough, I am actually here this week because TWR is doing a week of CHE training with a Presbyterian church group but now it is completely facilitated by our Khmer speaking staff, and expats are here only for encouragement and networking opportunities. Even if I don’t understand a word, I do know the content of the lessons and always enjoy the excitement on the faces of the participants as they make new discoveries about themselves and their communities.

Networking is what I do and this week was no exception. I met with three other individuals from organizations who have a history with CHE to see how they are currently utilizing the strategy and met with Canadian missionaries who will be hosting a team next summer from our home church in Canada. Add to that a wonderful evening dinner with the Cambodia Leadership Team at a new restaurant with a fabulous view of the city and coffee with our friends Phearak, Socheata and their little boy Kenta and it all adds up to a full and successful visit.

It never ceases to amaze me how God has lead us each step of the way in this ministry over the past five years and what a joy it is have the privilege of being a small part of what He is doing through some amazing young Cambodian brothers and sisters.