Well it has been really swell, but it is back to Malaysia for Pam and I. It has been a very fast 17 days, starting in Toronto and ending up in Seattle, but here we are both back in Calgary and tomorrow morning we will be on our way once again.

Over the weekend I flew to Seattle to visit our oldest son who is finally moving down there, having worked for Microsoft for the last three years. He admits that the flying was beginning to wear on him. They bought a beautiful home in a gorgeous community, about a half hour’s drive from his new employer. Their new house offers a view of the Cascade Mountains from their bedroom window and a Starbucks in the center of town. Oh yes, there is the best school in the district, a library, and a community center just down the street as well. It looks pretty close to ideal.

Jon patiently tried to bring me up to speed on all the latest gismos that I could use for the classroom. I am not a total loss in this department, having taught Design and Technology for 18 years, but computer stuff is hard to keep up with, even for those whose living depends upon it. I am hoping I can get some of this stuff up and running when I get back to Malaysia.

To top off a very productive weekend we entertained Pete and Joan, our friends in Malaysia this past year who are now back in Calgary looking to relocate in Canada and tonight we will get together with the family of our daughter’s new husband, Greg. We once again want to thank all those who extended their hospitality to us on our all too brief visit home this year. If we didn’t catch you this year, then perhaps we will be able to get together when we get back in 2013. As I look out over our daughter’s back porch at the beautiful Alberta sky, I am hard pressed to think of a single day of bad weather while I have been home; it has been gorgeous weather all the time. Thank you, Father!