Our trip to Calgary went incredibly smoothly and the icing on the cake was finding Dave waiting for us at the airport, something we were not expecting given that we arrived in the middle of a work day. A very relaxing afternoon at the Pig and Whistle gave us a great opportunity to get caught up on Dave’s news while we waited for Liz and Greg to get home from work.

Steve has been in his glory browsing Home Depot for tools and supplies and doing odd jobs around Greg and Liz’s house. They have a lovely home but as it has been rented out for a number of years, there are plenty of repairs to be done. The focus was mainly the kitchen with hinges to be replaced and drawers and gliders to be rebuilt. With a little steel wool and varsol cleaning and a fresh coat of varnish the cabinets are looking great. The cathedral ceilings in the great room make decorating a major challenge but they found the perfect four foot high clock for the two storey entrance wall.

Wednesday evening we took advantage of “Date Night” and enjoyed a fine steak dinner with Greg’s parents, Holly and Vern at Milestones. Friday, Steve headed for to Seattle to spend the weekend with Jon while I prepared a presentation of our project in Cambodia for the annual meetings of Medical Ambassadors Canada which is being held in Canmore.

I headed out early Saturday morning for a fabulous drive west towards the mountains on the Trans Canada highway and have to admit it was pretty tempting to just keep on driving. But I did the right thing and enjoyed the opportunity to meet with my co-workers, Bill and Sharon and the MACA team. There were a number of people there whose names I have often heard through CHE reports and it was a real joy to actually meet them. I look forward to working more closely with this group in the future