Project Hannah was launched fifteen years ago by a group of dedicated women in Singapore (pictured above) who sought to raise awareness of the plight of women worldwide and who committed to pray for those who were abused emotionally, physically or spiritually. Shortly after a radio program was introduced to encourage women in their daily struggle, and to reach out to them with a message of God’s love and the freedom that was theirs in the salvation Christ offered; to claim their God-given destiny so they could pass on a legacy of faith, wisdom and godly character to their children. It was a message that many women responded to, and its impact has been felt throughout the developing world.

This past week I was privileged to meet with some of the most amazing women in the world, from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, the Middle East, Singapore, South Africa, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, Uruguay and the U.S as we met for the first time as a group to pray, share, and celebrate what is happening through Project Hannah. These women are the regional coordinators, producers and script writers for the mission, and sometimes – given the need for workers in this huge mission field – all three combined. For most of them English is not their heart language, but it was a joy to see and hear them step forward and speak from their hearts and share what God is doing through them in their own region. It was an special blessing to sing together, each in our own tongue in praise to our amazing God. I am humbled and amazingly privileged to be a part of such a group who share a burden for the hurting and needy women we long to serve.

The week began with a day of prayer and praise and an opportunity to hear from each one a small portion of their personal lives and a lot about their heart’s cry for women. It was a long week of training and listening to reports, some of which were heartbreaking to hear, but many new and enduring friendships were formed amidst the tears and laughter. We were fortunate in that we were all able to be housed together in the TWR Lodge in North Carolina, surrounded by woods and wildlife and a real sense of serenity. We met and talked and shared wonderful meals lovingly provided for us by volunteers and friends of the ministry.

At the end of the week we departed and each of us returned home encouraged and strengthened, with many new ideas and connections, eager to see what lies ahead for Project Hannah in the coming year. Thank you to many who have prayed for this meeting, and enabled us through your prayers and finances so that this could take place. God is at work in this ministry, and the year ahead looks to be filled with more opportunity and adventure for those who willing follow Christ in His plan to reach out in love to those He loves and came to save.