One of the things I look forward to when I am home each year is the opportunity to touch base with the staff and volunteers at the TWR Canada office, which is fortuitously located in our home towm.

These are a very faithful group of women who volunteer one afternoon a month to come in to fold Project Hannah prayer calendars and monthly news letters and stuff about 2600 envelopes for supporters who still receive their communications by snail mail. One afternoon a month may not seen like a lot to some of you but we are so very grateful to these women who are a vital link in the world wide Project Hannah ministry.

The Lord has graciously given to Steve and I an opportunity to serve Him in a foreign field. He has also made it possible that we can do this without draining the church of badly needed financial resources at a time of shrinking budgets and unemployment. Ironically in this crazy fallen world we live in this makes us less than full-time missionaries in the eyes of some. We don’t pretend to understand the thinking behind such reasoning, for it is enough for us to know that God has called us and blesses us in our respective ministries.

How then does the world see the missionary effort of these women? Aren’t their prayers and practical support as vital a part of the work of God in reaching the lost as anything we or others do who are fortunate enough to live and work overseas? Does crossing a street or crossing an ocean make one a missionary? Surely at the end of all things when the Lord sorts through all that His people have done we will be surprised to find what He considers to be worthy of Him. And those who serve Him in humility, with whatever they have to give, will be recognized for the good they have done in His name. Thank you so much, dear ladies, for your service!