While Steve is back in KL finishing out the school year, I have begun the annual visit home to Canada with the first stop being an amazing week in Calgary with Greg and Liz, in their lovely new home. We have made the most of the time. Liz and I picked out livingroom drapes and material to convert an old coffeee table into an ottoman, made a couple of matching pillows and valance for the front door.

The weather has been gorgeous, allowing us a couple of very productive afternoons working on the garden.

I even took some time out for a spin on the Harley with Dave.

Mother’s Day was another beautiful Calgary day so the kids took me out for lunch on a patio overlooking the city and the river.

On Monday, with Greg and Liz back at work, I drove about an hour south west, in the early morning to have breakfast with my friends, Bill and Sharon on their patio enjoying a fabulous veiw of the foothills of the Rockies.

I was so grateful to have Liz with me to help pick out my new glasses- one of my least favourite activities and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to cook some meals for my family again.

However, it is all fun and games until somebody gets injured and then it is five hours in the Urgent Care Center and three days with a portable IV for the antibiotics.