A year ago today we had the joy of welcoming our lovely little Elisa Grace into the family even as we prayed for quick healing of Jon’s leg and dealt with the anxiety of wondering about the long term impact of one old ladies decision to drive without her glasses.  We rejoice in the beautiful little girl Eli is and the extent of the healing that Jon has experienced.

Once again I am packed and ready to return to Canada this afternoon for the annual visit home.  Steve will, of necessity, stay behind to finish out the school year before joining me in Ontario on June 22 for a ten day visit there and then on to Calgary for another ten days.  The school break is very short this year so it will be a challenge for Steve to get in all the desired visits and necessary tasks in less than three weeks.

No weddings or new babies to look forward to this year but can’t wait to get my hands on Ben, Abi and Eli and to see family and friends- and get to see Greg and Liz’z new home.