We were up and going by three on Tuesday morning to catch a flight to Singapore for a quick visit with the TWR staff there. There is still some sorting, reassignments and much ongoing learning underway as a result of the restructuring process but a definite sense of anticipation of a very positive future. The new Directors, Daryl and Gaynelle have settled in and done a great job of building relationships with the staff. Gaynelle hosted a Ladies Tea on Wednesday which gave me a great opportunity to get to know her and to visit with the ladies. Mel is on her way back to her husband in Texas after a few months placement in Singapore so I had an opportunity to say farewell to her. She will be missed in the office but will contunue to work from home.

TWR Global has recently created a new position of Chief Personnel Officier and appointed Rick Weston to that role. Rick and Cathy were in Singapore for a few days to meet the team, and assess the impact of restructuring to understand the needs and issues of the field staff. They treated us to a lovely lunch in appreciation of the work that goes on in Singapore. I enjoyed the chance to get to know them and to chat about my continuing role with TWR. It was a pretty busy time in the office but a very important time for all involved.

Enjoyed breakfast with Su Min and Sing Yu to catch up on the progress in Cambodia and caught an early afternoon flight home in time to have a relaxed dinner with Steve. It is all good.