We are thoroughly enjoying this season of life in which we get to be parents of adult children which is, I might add,  much easier than being the parents of teenagers. There is real joy in seeing your family growing and enriched by new additions, without the pain and sleepless nights of childbirth.

Grandkids are a wonderful blessing but so too are those young adults that your children marry. Both Jon’s wife Nicole, and Liz’s husband, Greg, are just exactly the people that Steve and I prayed and hoped our children would marry: people that both enrich and fulfil our children’s lives.

Below is a little story told by Liz in a recent post on her blog, which gives some insight into the type of husband Greg is and why we are so thankful that he is part of our family.

Reason #185 Why I Love My Husband

Maybe a little background first so this all makes a little more sense: I usually take my engagement ring off at night to sleep. My fingers swell at night, and also the blankets get caught up on my diamonds. So I keep the wedding band on but I put the engagement ring in its box on my nightstand.

Due to my body’s continuing acts of mutiny, recently I’ve been feeling like a miserable, unattractive old prune. Which, needless to say, has made me more than a little insecure. But instead of being dismissive, or annoyed which is what I would probably be, each morning this week my amazing and incredibly supportive husband has picked up my ring and held my hand and asked me to marry him. Being proposed to by the man I love before the sun is even up every morning is a fantastic start to what would have been some hard days.

Of such kindnesses are long and healthy marriages made.