In our very first round of training with the RHAC leadership team in October of 2010 we had the privilege of getting to know two young men who have left a real mark on our lives.


Real Theng was a big, funny and enthusiastic young man who thoroughly embraced each lesson and had many probing questions about the concepts of the moral values lessons. He was so taken with the Joseph story that Bill ended up adjusting two later lessons to complete the story. With a genuine desire to learn more, he requested a copy of the source of these lessons to read on his own. He very rapidly began integrating these lessons and teaching style in to his work with youth in the schools.

Chan Theng had joined the organization later then Real Theng, and quickly got the nickname “Fake” Theng. He was very gentle, quiet and thoughtful, taking each discussion in and seriously looking at how these truths impacted his own life. He too, immediately began taking the lessons to the youth and within several weeks was teaching them at a camp with over 500 youth in attendance. Just a few weeks ago, ChanTheng made a decision that he needed to enter into a relationship with the author of these wonderful truths. He is now the key leader in our project and is thoroughly convinced that this is the only way to fully impact the lives of Cambodians.

Yesterday we heard the very sad news that Real Theng had lost his life in a drowning accident in the Mekong River. For our praying friends, we would ask for prayers for strength for this very close knit  leadership team as they come to grips with the loss of a promising young co-worker and friend. I know that many of these sweet people are honestly seeking to find the source of the dignity, compassion, peace and hope that we have been talking about and that is our prayer for them.