Before we leave the subject of our daughter’s wedding, a few thank yous are in order. First of all to the many guests who came from London, Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton and even England to attend our daughter’s wedding to her fine new husband Greg. You have honoured us with your presence, and delighted us with your company. Thanks to Al and Shelley, whose generous loan of not only their home in London, but also their apartment in Toronto for our family’s use this past week was a gift of immeasurable value. We simply could not have managed so many wedding guests with such ease and comfort without your help. Shelley, you did all that you could to see that this week worked out well for our daughter and Greg and their wedding party, and we are so very grateful.

We also need to thank Randy and Sylvia for the use of their ‘granny suite’ for Pam’s lengthy stay in Canada this time and for all of Syl’s help on the wedding planning and arrangements. Thanks too goes to Jenelle for scanning some last minute pictures for the slide show, Jesse for moving the slides into Movie Maker and burning the DVDs and Jeremy for the loan of one of his guitars. We also want to thank Ben and Abi, our dear grandchildren for their part in the wedding as ring bearer and flower girl, and Nicole for getting the children performance ready for their big entrance. They looked great and acted adorably.

We want to thank the bridesmaids, Amanda, Chonie and Stacy for all their help in planning and preparation for the wedding, and Liz’s friend Amy for getting the girl’s hair and makeup done. Thanks to our son Dave and Greg’s best man Taylor and Chad who were willing to do whatever we asked in moving stuff in and out of cars to the venue. Culinary Caterers also get a mention for being helpful in the setup and take down of the hall, as does my old friend Pete Howard of RPM Sound in St. Thomas.

But the biggest thanks of all go to Greg and Liz themselves who worked so hard for so many months to make this wedding a gift of love to their family and friends. Everything they did was intended to make this special day as warm and intimate a family event as could be arranged, and they succeeded so well. So many things could have been so much easier if Liz and Greg had been willing to simply throw money at the problem and let someone else solve it. But they didn’t want their wedding to be a financial burden on anyone, and undertook to do many things themselves that another couple would have paid someone else to do. All the features of the wedding and the reception were chosen to give people an opportunity to enjoy themselves as naturally as possible. The result was a wedding of really touching warmth and sincerity, the glow of which is going to linger in our hearts for years. Thank you so much for such a unique and genuinely meaningful day. May your marriage be as meaningful as as full of happiness and you have sought to give to others on your wedding day.