Today we picked up Liz from London airport, dress in hand, at the end of an overnight flight from Calgary, along with her friend and maid-of-honour Amanda. We understand that they did not get a lot of sleep on the plane and have gone to bed for a few hours before we begin what is going to be a full week meetings with caterers, disc jockeys, photographers and the like. Our friends Al and Shelley have allowed us the use of their home for the preparations for the wedding for which we are most grateful. I finally got a decent night’s sleep for which I am most grateful.

It is hard to describe what we are feeling at the moment; so many conflicting emotions of joy and anticipation, excitement and concern. The fact that we are able to be here is a great delight; to see our daughter and listen to her planning all the details of her wedding a great joy. Life can be so pleasant at times. We are looking forward to a great week of family being together. We will keep you posted as best as we are able of the coming few days.