Quick, how do you tell a true Brit from a colonist? By their reaction to the British royal family. The colonist will tell you it is a bit of a lark and think no more of it. The Brit will either be incensed that you mentioned the subject, or will go all wobbly at the knees at the sight of them. I may have been a Canadian citizen for over 50 years, but when the Brits put on their show, I go all wobbly.

And what a show it was; impeccably timed and orchestrated, full of pomp and circumstance, a rich tapestry of visual and audio delights. Who else on earth could stage a ceremony like it? Is there another building on the planet that has crowned their monarchs in continued succession for a thousand years? Is there a more successful monarchy anywhere; one that has survived murder (Edward V), beheading (Charles 1), insurrection (Oliver Cromwell), and abdication (Edward VIII)? They even seemed to have survived the disastrously inept and unfaithful Charles, Prince of Wales (may he never reign).

Oh, like everyone I am a little tired of their pontificating and offensive opinions on matters quite clearly beyond their scope. But every once in a while the monarchy shows its worth, and yesterday was one of those days. Prince William seems to be thankfully much more like his gracious mother than his effeminate and ineffectual father. And Kate, my word, what a ravishing beauty! The pair of them looked like something from a storybook; hardly real.

I was also mightily impressed by the service itself; a tribute to Christ and the church He bought with His blood. The scripture was prominent, the singing angelic, the tone reverent and pleasantly hopeful. With an audience of two billion, some of whom had never heard the word of Christ without a profanity attached to His name, it was a remarkable testimony. I turned off the telly after two hours feeling stirred and elevated. I wish the young couple all the best. They face a mountain of cynicism and contempt in the days and years ahead. May they weather it with the kind of devotion they seemed to find in each other yesterday.