There is always that question: is home where your husband is or where your kids are? There is no doubt that Malaysia feels like home but we both miss our family terribly and now is the time to do something about that. Headed home in the hopes of arriving there before Nicole goes into labour.

Airport Limo arrived at 6:30 and the Cathay Pacific flight from KL to Hong Kong took off right on schedule for the short, three and a half hour leg of the trip. The only snag was that I needed to find the Air Canada desk in HK to pick up my next boarding pass. The ten minute hike across the airport felt like a nice way to stretch my legs before the fifteen hour flight to Toronto, scheduled to leave in just under two hours.

The nice lady processed my documents without comment and then handed me my boarding pass with a smile. Then she informed me that the flight was delayed almost four hours but not to worry they were able to reschedule the final leg of the trip and I could still catch the last flight to Saskatoon with no problem. As nice as an overnight trip to Saskatoon at the end of this 27 hour trip sounded ( who wouldn’t want to arrive in Saskatoon at 5 a.m) I was not impressed.

After a few phone calls, it was agreed that I was actually travelling to London, however as I was arriving too late for the last flight, I was now scheduled on the 7 a.m. flight on Wednesday morning. Apparently a $9.00 lunch voucher makes up for the added fifteen hours of travel. Fortunately for the internet, I can at least let Jon know about the delay without making a middle of the night phone call. Might as well buy a Chai Latte and relax.