We are both beginning to get very anxious about our fast approaching time apart and are trying to make the most of every minute we have left. On the spur of the moment – not something we normally do – we decided to get away for the weekend. I didn’t even bother coming into KL from my conference, but just met up with Steve at the airport after school. Thank goodness for Coffee Bean; the softest chairs and the nicest Chai Latte around.

Pulau Langkawi, is a beautiful and unspoiled island off the north west coast of Malaysia and definitely our favourite fast and cheap get away. Steve put the whole package together in about one hour on Thursday evening, and then booked a cab to pick him up after work on Friday so he could make the flight.

The Best Star Hotel had been recommended by friends and it turned out to be a great find with a breakfast area right on the beach. The rooms were clean and cool, and the bathroom was unusually dry and free of mold. The beach is really lovely and never crowded so that is where we spent Saturday. We walked down to a great restaurant on the cliff for pad thai and a beautiful sunset and then found a spot with live music and started a dance for old couples. I think I actually wore Steve out!

The north end of the island is a GeoPark, one of the highlights of which is a cable car to the top of the rock formations that are thrust 750 metres above sea level. At the top, a suspension bridge creates a canopy walk and a breath taking view of the Andaman Sea on three sides.

A rental car made the daytrip stress and hassle free. It cost thirty Canadian for unlimited gas and mileage and we drove ourselves to the airport to drop it off, saving us cabfare. As a bonus Steve got to watch the end of the Malaysian Grand Prix at the airport, which was the icing on the cake for him. It was a late night, past midnight, when we got in and basically crashed on the bed. But it was a fantastic weekend, and well worth the exhaustion!