We fully intended that my March trip to Cambodia would be my last time away before I left for Ontario, as there is still much to be done to prepare and we are painfully aware of the value of each day together. However that was not to be.
Every other year there is a conference planned that brings together folks with member care responsibility in Asia for mutual support, strategic planning and skill development. The theme this year is Journey into Healthy, Sustainable Vocation and I was given the opportunity to join Nicole, my TWR co-worker in HR to attend.
It is being held in Port Dickson which is a very lovely beach area just over an hour outside of KL. From the outside the resort appears quite lovely but on the inside, not so much, but the price was right and the facilities adequate. The resort is off the beaten path, very quiet and the beautiful beach is deserted.
The plenary speaker is a very wise and sweet 76 year old Filipino pastor and teacher who brings many years of wisdom to his sessions. Several of the individual workshops were around the topic of Spiritual Formation which is the awareness of spiritual growth, change or forming going on within us at different stages in our lives. Others looked at topics related to maintaining spiritual vitality while working cross-culturally, self care and rest, and encouraging workers on their spiritual journey.
It was time away that I was pretty reluctant to give but I will take home some personal challenges, new ideas to use in supporting our national staff and a list of books that I look forward to reading.
That reminds me, I need to add “order a Kindle” to my list of things to do before I leave for Canada.