Our son David arrived from Calgary this afternoon, a little tired from the long flight, but none the worse for wear. We of course are delighted have our middle son with us, albeit briefly. We took the detour through Putra Jaya, and the obligatory tour of the place where I work before we headed home to our little condo to clean up before dinner.

It was great to get caught up on his news, and just to soak in his company. After a brief clean up we went out for dinner to Italiannes with some of the staff from the school. We brought some fruit for breakfast and a dumb film at Rip-Off Videos for $3. Battle for L.A. was so bad we had to flip it off after three minutes.

That was fine, because we were all done for the night anyway. We have a full day ahead planned in downtown KL and are looking forward to showing Dave around.