We are approaching the four year mark of our time in Malaysia. With approval in place for a new, two year work permit that will keep us here until at least July 2013, we have decided that we need to set aside some time for family this year.
Last week I made one final visit to Cambodia prior to my going back to Ontario for a lengthy visit that will begin with the birth of a new grandbaby and end with our daughter’s wedding, hopefully with a rendezvous in England in June. I was only in Phnom Penh for three days but I managed to use it pretty effectively. My goal was to lay the ground work for the things that need to move forward while I am away.

Wednesday morning was spent in the TWR office reviewing the new performance development plan that we have drafted and will pilot with the Cambodia team. It is a very simple format that is meant to be a working document that will move the team toward a more reflective and practical way of assessing their learning needs and developing a strategy to move them forward. A late and extended lunch with a wonderful Christian Khmer doctor ended with a plan to form a monthly discussion group that would open the door for developing a friendship and mentoring relationship with the doctors from RHAC as they work though their understanding of how spirituality and moral values impact the physical health of their patients. I then headed off from there to have a social visit over supper with Dr V and her husband.

On Thursday morning I met with Lesley who is an Irish HIV/AIDS nurse who will be helping with the next round of training. We went out to meet the TWR team and were treated to lunch by the guys in honour of Women’s Day. I was able to take Lesley to meet Dr V and some of the staff and to get a plan in place for the next training scheduled for the end of May. We also got some details in place for two visioning seminars and visits with the local government leaders in the area that we will do our pilot, that Bill and Su Min will do the beginning of April.

After dropping Lesley at the airport, I spent a lovely evening with friends from Ontario, Stephen and Beth and their director, Brian McConaghy who is the Founding Director of Ratanak International. It was good to compare notes on projects in Cambodia with those who share my passion for the people of Cambodia and I look forward to working together in the future.

Spent Friday at TWR office, flight back to KL, quick visit with Steve’s colleagues at Jalan Alor and then dinner downtown to celebrate our 33 anniversary. This week we had a TWR colleague from Singapore come to stay with us for a few days while we set up some details for a new project. Had a great visit and even got to crash an evening of an OM leadership conference and met some new KL contacts. Lots more to do to prepare for the trip home but at least we are finally free to look at some of those details.